What Is a Dive Watch?

As its name shows, a dive watch is a sports watch Swiss made dive watch   this is designed for underwater diving. However, due to its realistic layout and flexibility, dive watches also are a famous choice with the ones people who like to maintain our toes on dry ground.

That being stated, for a dive watch to be an official dive watch, it needs to meet the ISO 6425 popular, produced by the International Organization For Standardization.

What is The ISO 6425 Standard?
The ISO 6425 Standard defines a set of assessments that a watch ought to skip to be qualified for underwater use. You can find the total popular here, however the key factors that the current preferred calls for are:

‘a minimal depth-score of one hundred meters, an unidirectional bezel, a dial seen in overall darkness, and for the watch to be anti-magnetic, shock-resistant, corrosion-resistant.’

What Are the Benefits of a Dive Watch?
Dive watches are a popular choose for a variety of reasons:

Unidirectional Timing Bezel

Dive watches have been developed in the Fifties as a method to tune elapsed time underwater. It therefore allows divers to recognise precisely how lots time they’ve spent underwater and whilst it’s time to ascend.

The timing bezel may also be unidirectional which ensures that, if the bezel is by accident moves when underwater, the time spent could be indicated as longer than the real time spent – main to a faster and consequently secure ascent.


As you’d count on then, dive watches are designed to be waterproof. Because those watches are tested to the ones high ISO standards, while a dive watch is water-resistant, it means it. Whether your watch finally ends up in the rain, shower or sea, it will continue to be sound with the water-protective seal.


Dive watches are also designed to face up to stress and, greater often than no longer, are made from stainless steel or rubber. This means the cloth is hard to break and calls for little maintenance.

Simple and Uncluttered Dial

A dive watch is designed to be clean-to-study, and will frequently just have a minute, hours and second hand. This minimalistic fashion is offered and stylish – just examine the photograph beneath to peer what we imply.

As part of the ISO 6425 standard, an professional dive watch also wishes to be read in total darkness at a distance of 25 centimetres – helpful for divers and widespread use inside the darkish. This way you must be capable of read the time, at any time.

Dive watches may be worn pretty much everywhere. With a suitable watch strap, it is able to be worn anywhere. This begs the query:

How Do You Style a Dive Watch?
When it comes to fashion, critics of the dive watch are often sceptical of its design. However, an amazing watch strap can increase a dive watch to be both elegant and practical:

Our Dive Watch Strap Picks
1. The Hirsch Grand Duke
The Hirsch Grand Duke is a handsome Italian calfskin leather strap, with a polished alligator-fashion embossed pattern. This high-quality strap has a actual presence at the wrist, even as retaining a long lasting and waterproof finish.

How do you style a dive watch
This strap is to be had in 5 herbal colours with comparison sewing.

2. Morellato Cordura 2
The Morellato Cordura 2 is a robust and water-proof strap. It’s densely-woven fabric resultseasily combines modern design sensibilities with a traditional universal appearance. This is an exceptional desire to be used at some stage in workout.

Three. Premium NATO Straps
The NATO Strap, however higher – and nonetheless at an reachable charge. This strap is more comfy than others as it’s miles secured in separate points. This manner that, must one spring bar fail, it will remain attached to the strap. The Premium NATO is a wonderful pick out for out of doors sports like crusing, snowboarding or fishing.

What’s a dive watch
four. Pebro Cadw
The Pebro Cadw is a easily-textured antique calfskin leather strap with a thick, rounded padding that sticks out for your wrist. This reliable strap is to be had in a huge range of understated colorations.

5. JPM Vintage Leather
Last but really not least: home made and hand-finished in Italy with the aid of the eponymous Jean Paul Menicucci himself, the JPM Vintage Leather strap is a smooth and supple strap that compliments a dive watch well – as you may see in those snap shots. This fashionable strap is to be had in a variety of earthen tones.

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